Piney Creek


Q: What is your identifier?
A: 88TN

Q: Is a plat of the development available?
A: Yes, you can see the plat here.

Q: Are there airpark covenants and restrictions for Piney Creek Airpark?
A: Yes, you can download a copy here.

Q: Do you have a video of the airpark?
A: Watch an aerial video of Piney Creek Airpark.

Q: Is fuel available on the airpark?
A: No, this is a private-use airpark, and no commercial activity is permitted. Fuel is available at the following nearby municipal airports: Tullahoma Regional Airport, Warren County Memorial Airport, or Franklin County Airport.

Q: Can non-pilots own a lot at Piney Creek Airpark?
A: Yes, flying is not the only activity that can be enjoyed by residents. However, reasonable maintenance fees apply to all.

Q: What about electric, water, etc?
A: Each property owner will have their own well on their lot. A local well driller can be recommended by the developer. The water is high quality pure mountain spring water. Electric and phone lines (including high speed internet) have been run UNDERGROUND into Piney Creek Airpark, and are accessible at the main road. No utility poles will be visible (permitted) in the community. Sewage is handled by septic tanks and drain fields installed by homeowner. Contractors can be recommended.

Q: Are there restrictions on the type of aircraft that can be used at Piney Creek?
A: If it flies, bring it. However, flight safety and courtesy to our neighbors is paramount.

Q: What is the orientation of the Piney Creek runway?
A: Runways are 10 and 28.

Q: Are the approach and departure routes free of obstacles?
A: Yes, very clear.

Q: Can you recommend someone to design my hangar home or someone to build it?
A. We sure can. See resources here.